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There are many reasons why your boiler may be leaking but these are some of the most common ones:

  • Issues with the pipework: This can be because it has been poorly installed or because the pipework has corroded.
  • Water pressure: If the boiler’s pressure is too high, the pressure release valve (PRV) will release the excess water or parts will fail causing it to leak.
  • Temperature: If the leak is coming from the temperature valve, it could be that the temperature settings are too high. This could be caused by a problem with the temperature probe.
  • Loose joints: If you have any loose connections then leaks make occur as hot and cold contraction and expansion occurs. Check all of the fittings and pipes for any loose connections as this may be a simple issue to fix.
  • Cracks: As warming and cooling takes place within your boiler, over time it is natural for wear and tear to happen. This wear and tear can eventually lead to cracks or splits appearing. These are generally quite noticeable if they are the cause of your leak. Unfortunately, these can be costly to repair and often will mean a new boiler is required.
  • Corrosion: A common cause of leaks in boilers is corrosion. If it is just a small area that has corroded, then a simple part replacement may do the job. If the corrosion is more widespread then unfortunately a new boiler may be needed.

There are so many reasons that your boiler may be leaking. If in doubt, give us a call and we can check exactly what the problem is, hopefully before it is too late.

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