Where can I find my stop tap?

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Are you struggling to find your stop tap?

Your stop tap (also know as a stop cock or stop valve) is needed to turn off the water supply to your property.

A stop tap looks a bit like a tap as you can see in the image above but without the spout that the water would come out of on a normal tap. It sits between two bits of pipe.

You should always make sure you know where your stop tap is located in your home or work place. You would need to turn it off quickly in the event of an emergency such as a burst pipe or leak.

In the home, stop taps can normally be found under the kitchen sink. If you can’t find yours under the sink, other places to check would be:

  • Garage
  • Downstairs toilet
  • Kitchen cupboard
  • Utility room
  • Near your boiler
  • Under the stairs


If you are struggling to find yours then it may be worth speaking to a neighbour as they often located in the same place in similar houses.

To turn off the stop tap, simply turn the valve slowly in a clockwise direction. This will reduce the water flow and if turned totally it will stop the water flow completely. It may take a few minutes for water flow to stop completely as water already in the pipes is expelled. To turn the stop tap on, simply turn it slowly anti-clockwise.

You should be able to turn the stop tap on and off yourself. If you are unable to do this then you will need to call a plumber. Do not force it or over tighten it as this can damage the tap completely.

We can help if you have any plumbing issues. So if you have any questions then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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