Three Phase Distribution

Three Phase Distribution provides a consistent level of power for commercial and industrial settings

A distribution board is where the electrical supply is distributed from within the building. The main supply cable comes into the board and is then distributed to the breakers and then to all the circuits. For example lights and sockets.

In electricity, the phase refers to the distribution of a load. For example, single phase power is a two wire ac power circuit. In fact you will find that most domestic properties are usually served by a single phase power supply.

Then, three phase power is a three wire ac power circuit. So commercial and industrial facilities usually use a three phase supply. One of the main reasons for this is that a three phase power supply better accommodates higher loads. 

One other important difference between the two is the consistent level of power it delivers. Because of the peaks and dips in voltage, a single phase power supply simply does not offer the same consistency as a three phase power supply. However, a three phase power supply delivers power at a steady, constant rate, ideal for commercial settings.

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