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Electrical testing is vital for the safety of you, your home and its occupants

Regular testing and maintenance of the electrics around your home is an essential part your property maintenance. Undetected issues can prove dangerous and are often preventable with testing.

An EICR is just one way to keep your property safe. An EICR test will check the condition of your electrical systems. It will evaluate how efficiently they are working and look for any deterioration or defects.

As part of the testing process, engineers will check the condition of the electrics against the UK standard for the safety of electrical installations.

If you notice any issues around your electrics then you should not ignore them. They could cause a complete loss of power, injury or even worse.

So if your are looking for an electrician to maintain your property, carry out an EICR or fix any issues you may have, then get in touch today.

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