Old or damaged wires can be a hazard to you and your home

Rewiring a home can be a major job and expense, but because of  the safety hazards of damaged or deteriorated wiring, it may be essential. 

Just because the wiring in your home is old, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is unsafe. Wear and tear can vary. It is recommended that an electrical inspection is carried out by a qualified electrician at least every 5 years.

An Electrical Condition Inspection Report (EICR) will highlight any potential issues and your electrician will be able to advise if a full or partial rewire is needed. 

If your property is more than 30 years old and has the original wiring, then it is likely to need updating for safety and to meet modern standards. If you have an old style fuse box, this should be updated to a modern consumer unit.

If you are unsure then give us a call and we will send out one of our qualified electricians to inspect your electrics and advise on any necessary actions.

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