When it comes to refrigeration products & services you will see that Heating & Cooling (Midlands) Limited can offer you everything you need.

When it comes to operating a busy commercial kitchen you are only as good as the equipment you choose to use. You can have the best chef and team in the world, but if their equipment does not perform it will ultimately cost you.

We take pride in only offering high end commercial equipment with the latest technology which is produced by some of the finest manufactures in the business.

You may be looking for an ice machine or flaker, or a thaw cabinet or blast chiller. Even a retarder or a range of specialist pastry refrigerators. We can offer you a solution every time.

For example the Hi Chef, Hi Plan & Hi Cube range. These cover the basic requirements for any kitchen such as counter and upright cabinet refrigeration. And, they come in multiple formats, with doors, drawers etc.

In addition, we supply a blast chiller, freezer, thaw, dough retarder and slow cooker all rolled into one cabinet.

Specialist Refrigeration

Specialist units within the range for meat, fish, pastry, chocolate and wine, all with specific delivery refrigeration systems for specific products.

This range offers temperature and humidity control and comes with a self-learning controller. Additionally, it has an Eco function that helps reduce running costs whilst ensuring the perfect environment for your stored product.

Cold room requirements can be made to any size you require. We offer single, dual, triple compartments or more. General purpose, freezer, meat, fish or pastry storage can all be provided offering temperature and humidity control where required. And, with our own installation engineers we offer the complete design & build service to ensure we meet your exact requirements.

When it comes to refrigeration products and services, Heating & Cooling (Midlands) Limited can offer you everything you need for “Back of house” and “Front of house”. The range of equipment is vast and we can meet your every need.

Custom built refrigeration for “Front of house” offering unique, one-off storage and display units built to your specification. This offers you something totally unique with the wow factor for showing off and selling your product. For instance, a charcuterie display, wine or cheese or even patisserie or sushi. We make them to how you want and need – any size, shape or colour. Just let your imagination go wild.

We assist you on the whole design concept, taking you through your creative journey and delivering on your needs to ensure at the end you get exactly what you desired.

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