Why are my radiators cold at the top?

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If your radiators are cold at the top, it could be that you have air trapped in the system. The trapped air prevents warm air from circulating around the radiator which can leave the radiator cold in places.

There are a number of reasons why air becomes trapped in central heating systems. These include:

  • A build up of hydrogen in your heating system. This can be caused by a sludge build up
  • Small leaks within the system. A tell tale sign of this is that your boiler pressure is regularly dropping
  • If your central heating pump is above your supply tank
  • If you have an open tank in the loft used for immersion heaters

The good news is that if your radiators are cold at the top, this can often be fixed by simply bleeding them. Bleeding radiators will expel the trapped air from the system, not only heating your home better but also helping reduce energy costs.

We have compiled a simple step by step guide to bleeding radiators. Read it here.

If after bleeding your radiators you still have issues, then speak to a Gas Safe engineer such as us who will be able investigate the issue further.

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