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High end commercial professional kitchen equipment incorporating the latest technology

When it comes to operating a busy commercial kitchen, you are as only as good as the equipment you use. You can have the best team, but if the equipment does not perform, it will ultimately cost you.

We take pride in only offering high end commercial equipment with the latest technology. And, only produced by the finest manufactures in the business. Offering for example the Hi Chef, Hi Plan & Hi Cube range. These cover the basic requirements for any kitchen such as counter, upright or cabinet refrigeration. As well as being available in multiple formats, doors, drawers etc.

The Hi Cube (uprights) and Hi Plan (counters) range fully compliment the Hi Chef range (blast chill), with sophisticated touch screen control, Eco control offering reduced running cost and the option to connect to the cloud.

You can see and be in total control of your equipment at the touch of a “button”. At a “glance” your team will recognise the brand, along with the quality and the excellence of this product.

Available in 1-4 door counters, with GN drawers and various body heights as well as refrigeration delivery systems to enhance the stored product inside dependant on which model you select.

Hi Chef

The Hi Chef is the ultimate in refrigeration for the professional kitchen as it serves 5 functions all in one unit – blast chilling, shock freezing, thawing, proofing retarder and low temperature cooking. All controlled from the simple touch screen control pad.

Hi Plan

The Hi Plan range of professional catering counter refrigeration offers the chef and team something completely different when it comes to the preservation and storage of your products.

Ideal for various product storage including fish, meat, cheese, chocolate & pastry. Choose the right cabinet fit for purpose to protect, preserve and hold at the perfect humidity and temperature. Hi Plan offers specific temperature and humidity control functions.

Hi Cube

The Hi Cube controller for the uprights is just as sophisticated. It offers GP, Freezer, Meat, Fish, Pastry and Chocolate in single, double and stable door versions as well as glass and pass-through. 

The use of R290 gas on the Hi Cube range reduces energy consumption by up to 50% (compared to 700 litres with gas R134). This allows each user to obtain a perfect conservation of food. And provides a saving both from the point of view of waste and that of the cost of electricity.

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