TS4GN Salad

TS4GN Salad

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The TS3GN is from the Friulinox Saladette range.

Main features:

  • External panels, back panel, doors and worktop in stainless steel
  • External base in stainless steel
  • Inner in stainless steel with rounded corners
  • Cavity with central drain for discharge of washing water
  • Insulation in high density (42 kg/m3 approx.) expanded polyurethane, 50 mm thick, HCFC-free
  • Top opening for GN1/1 containers (325×530) and submultiples
  • Extractable shelf in polyethylene for TRS models
  • Fixed shelf in polyethylene for TRS Spring models
  • Evaporating coil in copper aluminum, painted with cataphoresis with non-toxic epoxy resin (version TRS)
  • Foamed evaporating coil for the TRS Spring version
  • Painted iron condensing coil with high thermal output
  • Heating element in the door frame
  • Ergonomic handle throughout full width of door/drawer and magnetic seals on all four sides
  • Self-closing door with block in open position at 100°
  • Stainless steel feet Ø 2” with adjustable H 150÷200 mm
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Width: 1860mm

Depth: 700mm

Height: 850mm

Compartments: 3

Temperature: -2/+8°


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