Midea Compact Round Flow Cassette

4.71kw Midea Compact Round Flow Cassette

£824.00 ex VAT

Key Features

  • 360-degree airflow outlet – 360-degree outlet provides even airflow circulation to cool or heat every corner of an office or room and keep a constant temperature.
  • Fresh air inlet – Built-in fresh air inlet to create a more comfortable environment.
  • Built-in drain pump – The built-in drain pump can lift the condensate water up to 750mm.
  • Low ambient cooling – With a built-in low ambient kit or specially designed PCB, the outdoor fan speed can be changed automatically according to outdoor unit temperature even when the temperature is down to -15 degrees
  • LED Facia Display – Built-in display for easy troubleshooting and system information
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Ceiling cassette air conditioning units are the most popular form of air conditioning seen in offices. They are normally installed centrally in the office area for maximum effect.

Cassettes are made up of two components – The fan coil unit is fitted internally and a condenser is positioned outside. The fan coil unit is installed into the false ceiling by removing either one or 4 ceiling tiles and hung from the ceiling above. The condensing unit is installed outside the building and can be placed at ground level or supported on the wall by brackets.

The condensing unit can also be mounted on a flat roof.

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Please note: We are unable to ship air conditioning units without valid proof that installation will be completed by an FGAS engineer – failure to provide one will result in your purchase being cancelled and payment refunded.

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