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As we approach the end of September, we can’t deny any longer that summer is almost over. Whilst normally most people would be sad about this, it is safe to say for many, the sooner we get to 2021 and leave 2020 behind the better!

This year more than ever, when staying in is the new going out, we may find ourselves indoors more than ever. With many people still working from home, our properties are no longer just a place to relax and unwind but are the place we are spending the majority of our time. This makes winter boiler maintenance more important than ever. 

It is really important every year that we prepare our homes for the colder months but if you have never done this before, then 2020 really is the year to do it.


If an issue arises with your boiler, not only can it leave you with no heating or hot water, but it can even prove fatal. Plus, maintaining your boiler before winter sets in could save you money by detecting any potential issues early.

A well-maintained boiler will also be more efficient, which ultimately should save you money on your heating bills.


If your boiler has been out of action for a while and you are only just turning it back on, the pressure should be around the 1 – 1.5 bar. If it is showing less than 0.5 bar, you will need to re-pressurise the system. If you’re unsure how to do this, then speak to the experts at Magna IM who can help.  


This is a simple job that will really affect how warm your home feels. All you need is a radiator key. You can pick one of these up at your local hardware shop, or order online for less than £1.

  • Turn on the central heating
  • Check the radiators to see which ones aren’t heating up
  • Turn the central heating off
  • Put a towel under the radiator that wasn’t heating up
  • Put the key into the radiator valve
  • Turn it anti-clockwise until you hear a hissing sound
  • Keep an eye out for water
  • Wait for the hissing to stop then turn the key back again

Simply repeat this process with each radiator until they are all working fine.

Insulate your boiler condensate pipe

The boiler condensate pipe channels excess water from your heating system into your household waste water. If you have one on the outside of your home or in your attic, it may be at risk of freezing.

Before winter sets in and the temperature really drops, check it is well insulated. You can pick up condensate pipe insulation in most hardware stores.


If you spot any of the following problems, it could be that your boiler isn’t working properly, it might be ready for an upgrade or it might be putting your health and safety at risk.

If any of the following apply to your boiler, you might need a professional’s help. Your radiators are slow to heat up

  • Your boiler smells bad If your boiler’s emitting any kind of odour, that’s a bad sign.
  • Your bills are going up
  • Puddles are appearing
  • It doesn’t sound right


Servicing is the only way of making sure your boiler is working safely and efficiently all year round. A boiler should be serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer every year to maintain the manufacturers warranty or guarantee. Boiler servicing isn’t expensive and can save you money on unnecessary breakdowns. 

By following this guide, you can ensure your boiler will keep working throughout the winter, heating your home and providing a comfortable place to live and work.

If you have any questions, or think you need professional help, then we are here to help you!

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