Ice Machines

Our specialist range of ice machines are an ideal solution for any bar, restaurant or kitchen

For any bar, restaurant or kitchen, one of the most crucial items to invest in is an ice machine. Whether you need small or large amounts, from cube shaped to flaked ice, we can offer a range of machines to suit your requirements.

From integral bin, to modular bin we have many variations of ice machines that we can offer you which from 12kg-240kg of ice per day.

The Hoshizaki range of integral ice machines use fresh water on every ice making cycle. They feature an upward spray method of freezing the ice. This eliminates impurities to ensure crystal clear, long lasting, hygienic ice every time. Its compact design means that it can easily fit under a bar or counter within your restaurant, bar or kitchen. Also, with its user friendly operation, it makes it simple to use, clean and maintain.

The modular stack models on offer will actually increase your output by up to 3 times, so you will never need to run short of ice again.

If you are in a factory, process environment we can even create “ice rooms”. This is where the ice machine is fitted to the roof and dispenses straight into a freezer cold room to build up huge quantities of ice. This is ideal for large scale catering operations.

If you want a specific ice shape we can also help you with that, ranging from hearts, to stars or cubes. We have a specialist range of ice machines ideal for the bar area. These are tailored for mixologists and cocktail bars who like to differentiate themselves and add to the full cocktail experience.

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