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Frozen boiler pipes can cause a real headache but there are some simple steps you can take to stop them freezing. As we approach winter it is important that you action this before the weather turns really cold.

There are some simple steps you can take to prevent your pipes from freezing over the colder months:

  • Use insulation: Ensure that your water tank and lag pipes are well insulated. This is simple to do yourself and lagging can be bought from any DIY shop.
  • Check your boiler: Make sure your boiler is serviced annually. A faulty boiler can cause frozen pipes.
  • Fix any drips or leaks: Even a small leak or tiny drip can be enough to cause your pipes to freeze. Make sure that you fix anything as soon as it is noticed.
  • Empty properties: If your property is going to be empty for a length of time, turn off the water at the stopcock. It is also worth considering draining the system to remove any water from pipes which could freeze.

By following these steps to stop your boiler pipes from freezing, you should stay nice and warm this winter! 

If you think your pipes have already frozen, you may be able to defrost it before it’s too late. If in doubt, or if your pipes have burst then call a plumber immediately.

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