How do I check my boiler pressure?

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Ensuring your boiler is at the correct pressure level is vital and you should check it every month. If the pressure drops too low or raises too high, then it can cause the boiler to shut down leaving you with no hot water or heating.

So how do you check your boiler pressure? The good news is that this is an easy task.

You should see a pressure gauge on the front of your boiler. It will look a bit like a speedometer dial.

For combi boilers, the pressure gauge should be between 1 bar and 2.75 bars. When the heating system is cool, the pressure should be between 1 and 1.5 bar on the pressure gauge. When the heating is up to temperature it should rise up to 1 bar. Anything over this would suggest your boiler is over pressurized. This may be fixable by bleeding the radiators. If bleeding doesn’t work then you will need a gas safe engineer to look at it.

If it is lower than 1 bar, then it is possible that you have lost water from the system and this will need to be replaced.

If in doubt, consult your boiler manual or speak to a gas safe registered heating engineer.

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