Heat & Smoke Detectors

Selecting and installing the correct smoke alarm in your property is vital

The most commonly used smoke or heat alarms in domestic properties are mains powered alarms with a battery back up. There are a range of smoke alarm and heat alarms on the market and we can offer advice on which is best for your property. 

Some alarms are fitted with sensors to react to heat and others to react to smoke. We can guide you through the alarms available and which would be best for you, helping you to avoid nuisance false alarms and to give you the best possible protection.

Heat sensor alarms are ideal for kitchens as they won’t be activated by cooking fumes. They will instead be triggered at a certain temperature. Heat alarms are not recommended for any other room within the home. For other rooms you should be using smoke alarms.

If you are a homeowner, landlord or tenant, then get in touch and we can go through the best options with you.

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