Change drawers from fridge to freezer temperature at the touch of a button with FlexDrawer

FlexDrawer is a unique product which offers a range of counter products. Their drawers can change from refrigerator temperature to freezer temperature with a simple touch of a button.

The range is uniquely designed with simple controls to change each drawer from fridge to freezer temperature at the touch of a button.  

A premium construction built for longevity and designed to be energy efficient in order to save you money. It comes with energy efficient environmentally friendly hydrocarbon R290 refrigerant as standard.

Available in single or double drawer units, they come fitted with sturdy drawer runners. These can sustain up to 200kg in weight.

FlexDrawer is available in both regular and reduced width designs which are suitable for any space. The reduced width units are great for smaller kitchens looking to maximise the limited space they have.

In addition, they come with fully removable drawer bins which allow for easy cleaning. Also, the drawers are lockable for maximum security.

FlexDrawer also come with a choice of single drawer or double drawer and with splashback.

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