EICR Testing

An EICR is an official document produced following an in-depth assessment of an electrical system

EICR testing is designed to make sure the electrical systems and installations within a building are safe, correctly installed and well maintained. Heating & Cooling (Midlands) Limited provide EICR tests to both domestic and commercial customers.

An EICR test will check the condition of your electrical systems. It will evaluate how efficiently they are working and look for any deterioration or defects that may cause a hazard.

As part of the testing process, engineers will check the condition of the electrics against the UK standard for the safety of electrical installations.

Specific issues that can be revealed through an EICR test include the following:

  • Any issue with the circuits and the equipment that might cause overloading or overheating of the system
  • Any risks of electric shock as well as any fire hazards
  • Safety issues with bonding or earthing of installations and equipment
  • Potential faulty electrical work that could lead to faults or injury

Although not a legal requirement, many homeowners looking to sell their property choose to carry out an EICR as it gives peace of mind to potential buyers.

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