Disabled Adaptations

Disabled adaptations can give back some independence to those living with disabilities

For people living with disabilities, adjustments around the home can give back some independence by making every day tasks safer and easier.

Bathrooms are seen as one of the most important rooms in the home. A space for tranquillity and relaxation yet practical and serving a purpose. 

Bathrooms for people living with disabilities or for older people should be just the same. Stylish, elegant yet practical. The days where disability bathrooms looked clinical have gone, with so many modern stylish solutions available.


Transforming a standard bathroom into a wet room, can create a more accessible space that is free from steps. With the addition of mobility aids they can provide an increased level of independence.

A walk in shower, either a low or level access shower tray or a wet room is one solution. If the individual needs support whilst showering then you may want to have a shower seat installed with carefully positioned grab rails in place. Walk in baths are another option. 

Other things to consider would be a raised height toilet that is easier to get on and off or a self flushing toilet. Maybe you need new easy grip taps installed or a basin lowered. Whatever your needs, we can help.

Our engineers will ensure everyone is well catered for.

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