Cold Rooms

Custom and packaged cold rooms built to the highest standards

As a nationwide supplier, we are ready to assist in all manner of installations, servicing and repairs. Whether you are looking for a packaged or custom built solution, we are just a call away.

Cold rooms provide the perfect solution when a standard commercial refrigeration unit just isn’t quite enough. When considering the storage of large volumes of food, buying refrigerated cabinets or counters is unlikely to be as cost-effective, or indeed as efficient, as buying a cold room.

Ideal for larger catering settings that need maximum storage space, they can give you ample cold storage capacity for all types products. 

We can provide you with the perfect walk in room to suit your catering needs. Depending on your requirements, we can supply an off the shelf packaged cold room within a matter of days.

We can also provide custom rooms, completely bespoke to meet your exact needs. Our team of experts can usually turn these around within just two weeks.

When fitted with suitable racking, a cold room offers huge potential for efficient stock rotation. This ensures that your staff can access as much or as little food as might be required at a time. Organising produce and rotating stock means that everything is on hand whenever it is needed. Perfect for busy kitchens working to a tight schedule.

There really is something for every requirement and budget. 

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