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Blast Chillers, Blast Freezers and Defrosting from midlands based refrigeration specialists

Department of Health Guidelines state that to safely Blast Chill food, its temperature must be reduced from +70ºC to +3ºC or below within 90 minutes. The Blast Freeze process requires food to be reduced from a temperature of +70ºC to –18ºC in no more than 240 minutes.

These guidelines are in place to ensure whenever food is chilled or frozen, it is in the “Danger Zone” of between +8ºC and +68ºC, where bacteria multiply fastest, for as little time as possible. So, a Blast Chiller or Blast Freezer is ideal as standard refrigeration equipment isn’t able to achieve this.


We offer a wide range of blast chiller cabinets from the market leaders in refrigeration. With capacities ranging from 12kg to 72kg they will meet any workload for canteens and kitchens.

The new 5″ touch screen allows you to simply touch the desired process and, with the help of the explanatory photos, easily find the product that you want to process. Or, if you prefer, you can rely on the knowledge of our International chefs and try one of over 350 pre-loaded recipes that, if necessary, can be modified and saved in your recipe book.

In addition to selecting functions (Blast Chilling, Blast Freezing and Defrosting) you can also manage and set all parameters. This includes temperature, fan speed and humidity rate. With Booster, you have a complete range of processes and special functions to choose from.

We also offer a “one off” totally unique glass door model. This comes with a chill capacity of 36kg and a freezer capacity of 24kg.


Large quantities? No problem! We offer a wide range of roll-in units too. And, with capacities ranging from 85kg to 1280kg they will meet any workload for larger kitchens.

Additionally, we also offer the Hi Chef unit to compliment the blast chillers/blast freezers range. This comes with added functions for slow cooking and retarder

So, if you are looking for blast chillers for your commercial kitchen then get in touch with Heating & Cooling (Midlands) Limited today, your midlands refrigeration specialists.

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