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When you think of air conditioning, most people instantly think of a system that cools you down. What many people don’t realise is that air conditioning units serve a dual purpose and are also a great source of heating. They are actually designed to act as both a heating and a cooling system.

Winter air conditioning works in reverse and blows out warm area rather than cool air. As such they aren’t just something to consider over the warmer summer months. They can in fact be an effective heat source over the winter too making them an all year-round solution.


Another benefit of air conditioning is the flexibility it gives with regards to how and where it can be installed. Have you had an extension, a garage or loft conversion or even a summer house at the bottom of garden? If so, you may find traditional central heating may not be a practical or cost-effective option.

A major benefit of air conditioning is that it is the cheapest source of electric heating available. With the focus on reducing carbon emissions and the government’s aim to be carbon zero by 2050, now is the time to start considering alternative systems.

So whether you have an area of your home that gets too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, or if you are looking at ways you can have a positive impact on carbon emissions from home, then speak to FM Systems UK about how air conditioning could work for you.

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